Expats in Arusha

Currently watching Girlboss on Netflix, kindly provided by my brother. Here we are in Moshono, Arusha, Tanzania and it’s been a fantastic day. Through work at the School of St Jude’s we get to see how locals really live and check on the home life of students. All in all it was fantastic day but I am feeling less than fresh!! Wet season is apparently over so hoorah for sunshine and clear skies.

10 Tips for ladies moving to Arusha, living on a budget:

  • Shower morning and night
  • Bring fresh winter pyjamas x 2
  • Buy good quality gumboots
  • Find high quality sheets
  • Drink litres of water
  • Pack fresh basic tops
  • Pack socks and double it
  • Aesop face cream
  • Forget dairy
  • Put the yoga mat in the suitcase..

Wish I’d known about 100 things! #TIA