Expats in Arusha

Currently watching Girlboss on Netflix, kindly provided by my brother. Here we are in Moshono, Arusha, Tanzania and it’s been a fantastic day. Through work at the School of St Jude’s we get to see how locals really live and check on the home life of students. All in all it was fantastic day but I am feeling less than fresh!! Wet season is apparently over so hoorah for sunshine and clear skies.

10 Tips for ladies moving to Arusha, living on a budget:

  • Shower morning and night
  • Bring fresh winter pyjamas x 2
  • Buy good quality gumboots
  • Find high quality sheets
  • Drink litres of water
  • Pack fresh basic tops
  • Pack socks and double it
  • Aesop face cream
  • Forget dairy
  • Put the yoga mat in the suitcase..

Wish I’d known about 100 things! #TIA










How to…start a blog??

I don’t know how to use this thing and I don’t even have a smartphone.

I do know I can shit talk for days and writing is good for the soul. My brother’s gf inspired me to start a blog today. It’s the easter long wknd and everybody is out partying!

I am not sure how this thing catches on .. but hope to start a platform to discuss all the things I value. In turn, I hope that people naturally find the blog.. and can share and relate to simliar ideas. For me this will be about “wellbeing” “finding your passion” and all things travel and discovery.

Hope something happens soon, my ADD can only hold out so long. hjahahha Last year’s posts lasted all of about one minute.

That’s it.. also my mum says “start out how you wish to finish”. I hope to finish a bit more certain than this!

Greetings and Benvenuti!

I am so excited to join the blogging bandwagon and as they say better late than never!

To tell you a bit about why I am starting this blog… I am a full-time student, part-time twitter bug and big big lover of all things health, wellbeing and travel. I have grown up working in Tourism and Hospitality and love nothing more than a great getaway!

There is no time like the present  so get booking your next trip and be sure to tell us how it goes!

I look forward to discovering all new destinations as well as exploring the classics.

My new rule for travel and there’s only one… you should return all the better for it. Join me in exploring interesting ways to travel and in turn improve your wellbeing.

Best Wishes,